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Need Advice- Would you change back to former ABX or stick with it?

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In a nutshell-

My 6.5 yr. old had been mananging quite well on Augmentin ES (400mg Augmentin, 250 Ammox) once per day. SHe had some exacerbation in the last few weeks. Saw Dr B for reg visit. He had me increase her to Augmentin only twice daily (400mg). No real improvement, but again this was just a little backslide, old tics (but mild ones) breaking through. A few days later he calls me with Lyme results showing reactive bands, orders Igenex, and says to switch her to Zithromax (this never worked 100% for her in the past). Well....it's been just a few days on Zithromax, and some of the behaviors she had 2 yrs ago, when all this was diagnosed, have returned. Last night I gave her Augmentin ES, instead of the Zithromax. KNowing that Zith was not really great for her in the past, even though it's only been 4-5 days on this, would you stop Zith & go back to Augmentin or Augmentin ES until I can get Dr. B on MOnday?? My pediatrician questioned the Zithromax, saying that it is not typical ABX for Lyme anyway, so if that's the case, thinking maybe she should stay on the old plan until we get the Igenenx results back.


Should I stick with the Zithromax or go back to Augmentin through the weekend? I have a cabinet full of both.


Thanks, Amy

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I thought zith was used for lyme? I also think the tooth thing does have something to do with it- a way in for the bacteria. How do you feel about using both the zith and the augmentin? I think that's what I'd try.


Sort of related- I wonder if the "growing out" of PANDAS is related to dental maturation? My kid always has symptoms with teeth issues.

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Very interesting-her front gum has been swollen for days & the tooth is hanging by a thread. Of course she won't pull it so it can heal already.

I did add the AUgmentin back in & the weekend was better, despite the tooth/gum swelling worsening.


thanks for this input



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My dentist gives us Peridex - a mouth rinse that we use after root canal and the kids use just before and after a loose tooth. It's an anti-bacterial. Can only get it from the dentist, not sold OTC. If that's not available, maybe some listerine?

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