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I suggest checking in again. From what I understand, they are very busy. And, they are only human. Your request may have just been overlooked somehow. When I made the request for the test kit last year, I got a reply from Dr. C saying it would be sent out, but two weeks went by and I never received. I finally checked back and requested again. I got it within a couple of days. You may want to contact one of Dr. C's associates, Kathy Alvarerez, to check on the status of your request, too. She is the one that I ended up communicating the most with in the end...




Here is the email I have for Dr. C. just in case the one you have is different.


email: madeleine-cunningham@ouhsc.edu


Good luck.



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As for the blood draw, I think Kathy would be able to answer that. It may depend on the temperature the blood has been kept at. I know they request that you not ship it so it ends up sitting over the weekend. The kit includes and ice pack to keep the sample cool during in transit.

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I second the recommendation to contact Kathy Alverez. She has been wonderful in my dealings with her. I requested a kit thinking I better get my request in since it might take a while. We had it in 3 days! So now it is just sitting waiting for our 6wks post prednisone period to end.

Each time I email Kathy I have an email the next day or if it is during business hours I typically have a response in a half hour! She has been amazing and seems to be the key to getting kits/answers.

Good luck!

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