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Dr. B. ordered a bunch of new lab work on ds and I got some back today from hospital. I wondered if anyone could help me know what they mean. I'm used to the standard titers but not some of the others. Thanks for any help you can offer.

I'm only listing those that were not in the normal range.


Lyme Disease 41 kD IgM Reactive (the other 2 in this group were non reactive- does this mean he is negative?)

Creatinine .46 Ref. range .64-1.27

Alkaline Phosphate 245 (r.range 48-224)


All others were normal or not back yet.


Also ds' mycoplasma IgG was 1.38 (ref.range <.90)

younger brother is 2.42 (his AntiDNAse B was 366 (r.r.<187))

My myco p. IgG was 1.87

all of us were neg. for IgM and ASO

Will youngest ds and I likely be treated even thougth IgG shows past rather than current infection?

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