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For anyone who is interested..


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$30K !!!!!!


cheaper than some cars !


but the real deal is that my daughter who recieved it- about 5 weeks ago-- is definitely doing at least 50% better. I would say even more, but she says 50%- as only she knows what is going in her head.

She is doing schoolwork again, playing, smiling, going to sleep at night with tears, cooking (her hobby), taking her zithro & willingly going to a psychologist for CBT!



just read my insurance EOB & thought I would share.


Now if I could get my other dear daughter to cooperate....

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We had the same experience....

$30k for pex

Done for both my kids- gave them their lives back (literally)

fought tooth and nail to get insurance to cover

in the end they did, and their negotiated rate with the hospital was only $5k


in the end $5k for my child's sanity- and insurance tries to refuse to pay....


The experience has left me quite bitter about the whole medical/ insurance industry (was happily naive before)


rockytop- I am thrilled for you, for my kids (minus illness) they continued to improve! Hopefully your other daughter will see, and agree to go - my older daughter had pex after her sister, and she wanted it.

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