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So went to Dr. B. today... was very glad that he ordered both strep and myco p. titer testing for our family. I've wanted this and so it is a no brainer BUT I forgot to ask what happens next. What happens if any of us test positive? Is it a course of abx?


For my younger ds, myself and my ex we will do whatever but the problem lies in that my son goes to my brother's house 3x per week after school. He has 3 teenage girls. My ds is VERY close to his cousins and loves being there BUT the problem lies with my 18year old neice who had her first bout of pnuem. at 6wks old and has never been healthy since. She typically misses a third of her school year due to illness (sinus infections, bronchitis, pnuemonia, etc.) Shockingly, her parents have never taken her to an immunologist (drives me crazy) so when Dr. B asked about family with autoimmune disorders I listed her. I asked about him going there and he recommended that my 3 nieces be tested as well. I feel I need the answers as to what is next before I can ask this of them so if you know what the typical next step is please let me know.




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I had Dr. B do a work up on our whole family. My daughter and I ended up on zithromax and prednisone. To be honest with you, I did not realize how poorly I was breathing until I was properly treated. The doctors in my area tend to be very conservative (I had a 5 day course of zith last October when I know I had raging mycoplasma- then the doc said I had asthma after that and gave me inhalers). My daughter and I are also starting allergy shots.


I am not sure that your niece has an autoimmune disorder. She may be immune deficient if she is sick often... or she may have an infection that simply has not cleared fully. Neither my daughter nor I had immune deficiencies.


I would say that a workup by an immunologist could be the start to better health for your niece in addition to helping your son.


My son finally saw good remission from his symptoms once my daughter and I were treated (he was also started on singulair, which could also be part of the magic mix).


Good luck!

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In our family's case, we all had titers drawn (antiDNAse B and ASO). Dh was elevated so he was put on abx. He has been on and off abx now for nine months. He is completely asymptomatic, tests negative for rapid and cultured throat swabs. Abx for him have been helpful for our PANDAS daughter. Thankfully his doctor was a registered pharmacist prior to med school and so has a very keen understanding of abx and has no fear prescribing them, even long term. He had not had any experience with PANDAS before but he has been extrememly responsive to our need for my dh to be on abx to protect our dd.


Re: extended family--we notice a flare of symptoms every time we spend time with my brother and his family. I finally acknowledged this reaction after after months of worrying about it. My SIL verbalized that she was actually wondering if her son has PANDAS. So opening up about it has made a huge difference for the good. I'm not at all suggesting your niece has PANDAS but sometimes open conversation can be helpful for all.


from Michigan

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