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Are you referring to the Pfeiffer Treatment center that is based out of Naperville, IL? If so, I took my son there for seven years. At one point he was like their poster child but that did not remain the case when he crashed again. We were even approached to do a thing on Dateline because of our son's success on their program. We declined because we did not want to put our son 'out' there. If this is the place you are referring to let me know and I will share our experience with you. I used to rave about the place. In the end, I was so frustrated that, although I mentioned that every time he would get sick he would go downhill, they never looked for an infection or autoimmune issue that may be causing his problems. Even though, in retrospect, some of his labs there did indicate this. Once they heard how ridiculously high his titers were they agreed it was PANDAS. I had mentioned PANDAS to them a year earlier. I do have to say that I know a family whose son has really turned around on their program and he was a mess. So, it does work in some cases. I will also say that my child was their biggest challenge but considering the type of place they are I feel they should have recognized the problem or at least tried to rule it out. My child has PANDAS and has had three HD IVIG's but we have now found out that he has Lyme and this is why his forward progress has not stuck.

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