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This is 'typical', right?


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LLM, that was the perfect amount of information. Thank you for sharing it. I appreciate every word.


I've ordered the Igenex test and will get that going. My dd's tic/compulsion is getting worse and I have to move forward.


Sarah, how it going today?



Yes, wow, the information and willingness to help, it's amazing. What an incredible bunch of parents.

Mom Love, thanks for asking-

you know, we are on and off- but overall, day 10 on Azith., I'd have to say I'm seeing OVERALL 60%-70% improvement- more at the very beginning-so I wait and see, and wait for our Cunningham results.

Glad you are moving forward with the Igenex test----sorry things seem to be getting worse---sending you good thoughts--Sarah &

Samantha 5

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