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Address for Dr Cunningham

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Does anyone have the address handy for Dr Cunningham? I have a Christmas Card ready to send to her and her staff and I can't seem to find the address. I found a couple different ones online and I want to make sure I send it to the right place.


Thanks! And thanks again to whoever had this idea. Sending one to Dr. T as well :)

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I wonder if those docs realize how much time we spend thinking about them. Hope our positive vibes keep them happy & warm. :) I know when I had my IVIG scheduled, I was very aware that Dr. K was out there somewhere & I thought about his health almost as much as I did my own son's.


My regular card list was very abbreviated this year. Immediate family & a few friends (who have stayed in touch). I didn't plan to send them at all, but we've hit a good patch. We even put up the tree.

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