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HI all,


I sent in a follow up Cam K test to Kathy A. for my DS last Thursday. We had a couple quick emails about receipt of the package and when the test results for the Cam K might come back (after Christmas...so we're talking 6-8 weeks ... just a few months ago when we did these for the first time it was around 2-3 weeks!)..Anyhow, I assumed some of this was because they would be taking some well deserved vacation days - NOT! They are catching up on over a hundred kits that need to be evaluated, and with exception of Thanksgiving day and a few days around Xmas will be working...and she said that its all "for the cause", (I'm assuming that means it isn't for the great pay and benefits!). And that she just couldn't enjoy a long break knowing that some family was out there that needed the information.


Anyhow, I sent her a short "Thank you for all you do" email - telling her just what having those test results meant for my son, my family, and his future. As well as my nephew, misdiagnosed with ADHD and Tourettes for years (whose Cam K came back at 183) .


This little note obviously meant a lot. she said she cried. (Really, it was very short note)..but I think the unsung heros in that lab could use some feedback. So if you have a moment to let them know how important their work was to you personally (let alone the cause of making pandas a legitimate, well accepted, dx with tests and studies that back that up!)...I think it would mean a lot to them.


I don't want to flood her inbox, so maybe if anyone that is sending her thanks could title it -" JUST A THANK YOU"...so she knows no urgent work related stuff is in there.


And - Thank you to all of you!! - who having given me and my son so much support and information in this battle for heath! Your posts and knowing there is a place to vent where others will understand have kept me sane.

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