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IN my continued obsession with all the "data", I keep looking at my daughter's igg subclasses. Dr. T sends it in a spreadsheet, and puts her number and another number next to it. He says they are all "normal"---but looking at the numbers he gives, I'm not getting it.


Here's her numbers--hers is first number, the "value" for i guess "normal" is in ( ). Also, she will be 7 in December.


IgG 1 524 (518)

IgG 2 196 (259)

IgG 3 34 (43)

IgG 4 26 (35)


They all seem low to me, but i truly have no idea what i'm looking at.


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What lab did the actual work? My ped's office drew the blood and sent it off and had the results also faxed to Dr T. He emailed me the results as an attachment.


Here are DS's results


IGG 1 662mg/dL (292-815)range

IGG 2 293 mg/dL (83-513)

IGG 3 57 mg/dL (8-111)

IGG 4 129 mg/dL (1-121) High

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Perhaps Dr. T could copy the entire report - from the lab -and send it to you. It might help you to see it in context. Also, my lab (quest) always has a brief explanation that helps me understand what was being tested. I think it is also good to have copies of your own so you can bring them handy when you go to other doctors. You never know when that lab report might come in handy in the future!

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