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    I think about the question you pose every single day. Why did the "Saving Sammy" dose of 2000 mg. of Augmentin help Sammy. Was it a deep rooted or intracellular strep that needed the high dose antibiotics the issue or was it the anti-inflammatory properties of the antibiotics that helped his possible auto-immune disease?
    And the answer may be different for every child. Sammy did have elevated strep and I believe so does Worried Dad's son. So, maybe that is why they needed the high dose antibiotics.
    In our case, strep was the initial trigger, but any virus, lack of sleep or too much sugar can create a little exacerbation. Basically, anything that can tax the immune system can produce a little flare of symptoms. And our son's ASO levels did not always match his symptoms.
    Just thinking out loud.
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