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  1. HI All, I'm an Australian\Brisbane Resident and am not sure where to look for help for my son. Basically the background of my son's issues are.

    My son (9 years old), while not diagnosed (I have a wife who is an Occupational Therapist that works with children, which helps though) does err on the side of having Sensory Processing issues in some small areas, is highly intelligent in a  lot of areas, has sleep issues and generalised anxiety about being left alone in a  room, day and night.

    In the last 3-4 months he has started complaining of feeling sick often (in the morning), and particularly having headaches (often in the afternoon).

    More recently though (last Saturday) he developed a very pronounced jerking neck tic, that cracks his neck (and causes some discomfort). It will last for 5-7 seconds, continue maybe 6 or seven times in a  row, with a 10 minute gap in between the tics. Sometimes though ti will cease for up to an hour, but then  back again frequently.

    The GP originally organised MRI for him, which has come back all good except for some "minor insults" to the left peritrigonal which they call insignificant.

    Now it seems though that the health professionals have dropped us like hot potatoes and are unconcerned. We will look to find another GP who is more helpful, but where should we look to now? Is a Neurologist now unecessary given the lack of lesions etc on the brain. Do we look to book into a PAediatrician instead? Is it a movement specialist we need? Does my son need more blood tests etc. to rule anything else out before going down the road of it just being a tic? We are a bit lost and hoping for help. I'm sorry if I've posted incorrectly here.





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