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    Pbmom reacted to Pandasphilly in Cannaboid OIl-RESULTS!   
    Nancy can you let me know how your dd does? I am considering for ds as OCD is our biggest and most lasting symptom.
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    Pbmom reacted to NancyD in Cannaboid OIl-RESULTS!   
    Thank you for sharing your experience with CBD Hemp Oil, t_anna. I have been considering it for some time for DD's anxiety/OCD while we treat Bart/Babesia. It was just the push I needed to order some from Bluebird Botanicals. Just received ours today and will give first dose tonight. Is there any reason I can't put the drops in a teaspoon of cranberry juice and have her hold it under her tongue for 60 seconds? Will this dilute it too much? Our doctor suggested we start with 5 drops BID, then increase to 10 BID, then 15 BID.
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    Pbmom reacted to Pandasphilly in Cannaboid OIl-RESULTS!   
    I am interested to hear how your son is progressing. My son was in a similar state and i'd like to consider this for future.
    Is your son on any other medications at the same time?
    Do you know of any drug interactions that should be avoided?
    Do you happen to know if we should remove the SSRI before administering this? It has helped with mood but not OCD.
    I thought I'd ask in case you have already done this research. So glad for your success!!!!
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