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  1. Hi CP, Funny you mention the Natural Calm. Last night after she was freaking out from her symptoms getting so bad, I gave her 2 "True Calm" from NOW vitamins, and she actually slept. She was even drowsy all day. It contains niacin,B6, magnesium, GABA, Glycine, Taurine, Inositol, and valerian.....Does that sound similar? My daughter is 3 weeks shy of sweet 16. Very tough age for this. Doctor also suggested no gluten. That's a tough one. I had her tested PN testing not those silly unreliable scratch ones and wheat showed no allergy... I told him that but he suggested it any way. She's sttin
  2. My daughter suffers from Tourette's or PANDAS and we are still trying to unravel the mystery. She is taking 2 MGs of Tenex which is the highest amount she could take and not be a zombie. So far it is the only thing that has helped. We have tried the following with no success: a comprehensive neuro multi vitamin with iron...no good because iron is bad for Tourette's the same vitamin without iron ( very similar in content to Bonnies)......no good because it seems B6 makes her tics worse Epsom salts baths...worse because she's allergic to sulfa Fish oil w/ omega 3,6,9......no big differenc
  3. Hi Mary, My son's stuttering AND HIS FRIEND'S both went away when we used, buffered vitamin C, Tyrosine, and the daily anti histamine Claritin. His tics went away using a powerful multi vitamin called Basic Preventive 3 (6 recomended per day but 4 worked for us) My daughter she's the challenge! She had motor tics that started about age 5, lots of strep but now even after anti biotics, she still has them. Tried the Basic preventive 3 (Douglas Labs) but still no luck, an improvement but still quite obvious, tried adding GABA, no luck, added BUFFERED vit C, no difference, gave her just fi
  4. I have read that Tourette's and Stuttering are related, We have both in our family. Does anyone here have any success with supplements to treat stuttering? Also on another group I read a mother gave her child Fish Oil Omega 3, 6, 9 and his stuttering and spasms stopped. I have fish oil with omega 3, what's Omega 6 and 9? Nancy
  5. Just got the results back from our PANDAS test.: antistrep-O titre, S 240 Anti-Dnase B Titre, S 282 it says the expected values on both are 0-400, so does this mean a negitive result? Nancy
  6. Hi Faith, The neurologist is 200 miles away so he sent the slip to me. According to google ASLO and ASO are the same. No matter what supplements I tried, I couldn't get her to have no vocal tics, so I was wondering why they weren't working. I think yeast is such an issue and since she just loves junk food, perhaps a colon cleanse would be a good way to get her intestines to be more cooporative, so we are using black walnut, which cleanses the colon and stops both yeast and parasites (supposedly) we will still keep up the supplements but see if this in addition to acidophillus/ lactobic
  7. Sorry I forgot to link the source of that study: http://ajp.psychiatryonline.org/cgi/conten...ract/163/7/1264
  8. Well I got the neurologist to send me a lab sheet to have my daughter tested for PANDSA ( hurrah!) But I noticed he only checked off under Misc. Pathogens, the test called ASLO. I can't find anti-DNase B on the sheet. I have no problem what so ever, checking off additional items. What else should I get for her and do I write in Anti-Dnase B? What heading would it be under on a lab sheet? I also read that TS people have low ferritin and serum iron, although still in normal range. i know her iron is low, she looks bleached! Any test suggestions welcome! Pen in hand! Nancy
  9. A question: If glutamine gives her GABA, which she needs, would GABA itself be OK to give her? Funny I had a DAN tell me that glutimine reduces sweets craving. Also, this is just an interesting tid bit. My hubby's side of the family has a history of stuttering, which again has low Gaba and high dopamine. I have been reading and coresponding with Dr. Gerald Maguire of the University of California psychiatry dept, because he is a reasearcher in stuttering. He has done brain scans and PET scans and lots of scientific study. Any way they have a new drug in the final clinical trial called p
  10. Hello Again, An update here. As a 15 year old girl, I knew diet changes were a challenge. I know milk, corn an sugar as issues. So I've also been reading from the Yahoo Group Enzymes and Autism" I have been keeping her on the good multi, L-Carnitine, and giving her digestive enzymes with each meal and before snacks. I've also read that digestive enzymes are a good preventive for pancreas cancer which runs i my family and my mom died from. My daughter is very similar to my mom. Even though my mom was thin, she always had a bloated belly, just like my daughter. I don't want to jinx anyth
  11. Hi Faith, I will try to answer all of your questions. The hair twitching was done with tension and the addition of a vocalization. A neurologist agreed it was a tic. We have tried various medications for movement dissorders for months at a time under doctor supervision. As you know, many doctors will keep you coming back even though you don't get better, so the first neurologist, we gave a year. At that point, he obviously had no help to offer us. This was about age 6 After this I noticed she was distressed from having a hard time paying attention. Her pediatrician recomended rital
  12. Thank you Claire and Chemar, I won't end the day without the strep anti-bodies test. That is the exact name for it right? Anything else I should ask for so that in hoppes of ever finding a competent doctor, I'll have the needed test results to show him? Also, would you both ( pr anyone else here) be willing to share their vitamin plans that they give theor kids? I think also a big problem is milk and yeast. She loves milk and has an allergy to it. She also it a sweets nut, so I'm thinking yeast???? I was never good at puzzles, but I'll work on this till we get it right. It was inc
  13. Hello, Through the years I've lurked here, thinking it all made sense. But we're so lost now I don't know what to do. Maybe some of this will sound familiar to someone, that can help us figure out what to do. Around 5 my daughter started school, and soon after started with what I now know is a tic. She would intertwine her fingers in her hair and just wiggle them. She's had a lot of episodes of strep, yes I finally thought PANDAS, but that was long ago and the pediatrician hadn't even heard of it. She did test positive for strep but he wouldn't continue to treat her with low dose anti-
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