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  1. I'm one of the people that tried this in 2009, via Dr. Sims in Maryland. I got a device to wear that adjusted wear the jaw closed. The idea was later on, if it worked well, adjustment of bones would take place for a permanent solution. I think for someone with a true structural issue causing TS, most quality TMJ docs would be able to handle this. On the other hand, I went to a local TMJ doc after getting this, to talk about long-term adjustments, and he said he would not have given me as much of an adjustment. Dr. Sims adjusted it to the point where the mouth was very open, and by all measures, the adjustment was beyond the "right" amount. However, that adjustment was necessary to obtain the relief I did from the device. You can read that long thread below, and see it was helpful for me. However, it was not the ultimate answer. It turns out I had lyme disease, and after treatment for lyme disease, the device is no longer helpful for me. Lyme infection of the TMJ can make the joint sensitive, and perhaps that is way the extreme adjustment, where some nerves were probably never being irritated even a little bit, was helpful until the infection was treated.


    So the mixed feelings I have answering your question are, for a proper adjustment, a quality local TMJ specialist should work. But, to obtain the most short-term relief, regardless of the actual cause, someone like Sims could be better.



    Once my son (age 11) has the appliance he will need to go back in for frequent adjustments. that's a given. with normal growth & development the alignment will be off, the musculature will also change, esp when there is a prosthesis in place (in growth or as an adult). fyi- my son's tics are nearly identical to the young man in Dr Stack's #1 video.

  2. Hi


    Has anyone done this is this real? http://tmjstack.com




    I am convinced in the Sims-Stack therapy. I saw the videos on youtube & tried by having my 11 year old son bite down on a wooden spoon & the tics nearly disappeared (he had 1 the entire time the spoon was in his mouth). as a nurse, I understand the research (that has been published by CRANIO). the last thing I want my son to be taking are psychotropics (i.e. I'm a former psych nurse) but we will have to wait awhile longer for treatment (no health-dental insurance).

  3. I am thoroughly convinced in the Sims/Stack appliance (the neurocranio vertical distractor).

    I had my 11 year old son bite down on a wooden spoon & to my surprise it worked! he went from constant tics to less than 1 when the spoon was in his mouth. as a nurse I understand the research (which has been published in CRANIO and I believe there is a citation in NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) as well.

    The last thing I want my 11 year old son on is psychotropics, especially in light of an alternative therapy for Tourette's but we have to wait a while longer for the appliance (no medical-dental insurance).


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