When parents tell me their child’s health story, they usually relate an episode when symptoms spiked yet they had no idea why.  I encourage them to avoid assuming that this change in symptom pattern should be accepted as a normal course of the condition, regardless of what they have been told or have read. Rather, they should take time to recall anything that could have changed and aggravated the symptoms.

This approach can be helpful, whether one is dealing with compulsions, anxiety, tics, hyperactivity, behavior issues, foggy thinking, or depression. When a search for the cause is not undertaken, we can overlook something that is simple yet profound in its ability to impact health.

Typically I brainstorm with these families.  What might have happened around the time of the symptom spike?

  • An infection?
  • Reactions to foods?
  • Springtime allergies?
  • Family or school stress?
  • A visit to Grandma’s moldy house?
  • New kitchen cabinets?
  • A new pet?

As an example, a mother reported that removing a portable phone system eliminated her daughter’s emotional outbursts. Her remarkable account is highlighted here.  A father we spoke with realized his son’s vocal tics spiked at the same time he got a dog and let it start sleeping in his son’s bed.

Conventional medicine does not encourage us to explore environmental factors, and as a result we are often oblivious to them. This includes the impact of food on many health conditions.

Take the time to look for answers. You’ll be glad you did!