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Classroom Weekly & Monthly Charts Introduction

When you want to track new behaviors over an extended period of time, our Weekly Charts and Monthly Charts will do the trick. Students love these charts for writing down homework, tracking due dates for assignments and projects, and staying organized. Teachers can also use them to monitor social and academic behaviors at school.

Selecting a Weekly or Monthly Chart for your Students

Some of your students will do best with frequent reinforcement when using behavior charts. Daily charts are often best in these situations. Others do well with a Weekly Behavior Chart or even Monthly Behavior  Chart, to keep track of progress over time. Scan through our chart options and decide which is the best match for each student.

Using Our Printable Weekly & Monthly Charts

Weekly or Monthly Behavior Charts usually allow room for you to customize expectations, and even change them part way through the time period. Be aware of one important factor when using Weekly or Monthly Charts: You need to be sure that when defining expectations, the, the child is not going to run out of the chance to be successful early on. In other words, if they have a bad day or two when completing a Monthly Chart, don’t let those slip ups make it impossible to achieve some level of reward–unless it was extreme behavior.  As a general rule, don’t set expectations that are so high that a “oops” early on take  away any incentive to complete the rest of the week or month or the Behavior Chart will have been useless.

Keep it Interesting

Always watch for new opportunities to celebrate your students’ successes! Give them new goals to aspire to and watch for students that are doing things above and beyond what’s expected. Look for students who are making progress, even if there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Remember that baby steps are cause for celebration, too! Aim to keep things fresh, adjusting goals, using new incentives and selecting different charts from our creative selection.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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