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Classroom Sticker & Star Charts Introduction

Sticker charts and star charts provide an interactive way to inspire your students toward better behavior. As students perform the new desired behavior, they can either add a sticker to the chart or color in the appropriate spot on the behavior chart.

Selecting a Sticker or Star Chart for your Students

Let your student’s age and interests help you decide on which of our sticker and star charts will be the most appealing. Some kids love the concept of stickers while others are content to see their efforts acknowledged with a check mark. Select the chart that has the most overall appeal, or let students select their chart themselves!

Using Our Printable Sticker & Star Charts

You’ll want to have a selection of fun stickers and colorful stars on hand to use with incentive charts. Be sure the student understands what is required to receive a sticker and then what reward will be given for a certain number of stickers or starts. Remember that you want to have the experience be successful and fun, so don’t expect perfection!

Keep it Interesting

Watch for new opportunities to celebrate your students’ successes! Give them new goals to aspire to and watch for students that are doing things above and beyond what’s expected. Look for students who are making progress, even if there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Remember that baby steps are cause for celebration, too! Aim to keep things fresh, adjusting goals, using new incentives and selecting different charts from our creative selection.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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