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Classroom Behavior Contracts Introduction

Behavior contracts give you an opportunity to make an agreement with your student that works for both of you. What makes these behavior contracts unique is that in addition to using positive reinforcement, they also include details for what will happen if the student doesn’t honor the agreement in the contract. Great for students in middle and high school.

Selecting a Student Behavior Contract

Sometimes a student doesn’t need a typical behavior incentive chart and he or she responds best to a simple agreement. Behavior contracts have been known to result in major change with a minimum of effort. See what agreement contract best meets your needs.

Using Our Printable Behavior Contracts

Clarity of intent is a real key to success with behavior contracts. Both the teacher and the student need to be able to express what is expected, what will happen if the contract is fulfilled, and what are the consequences if the contract is broken.

Keep it Interesting

Watch for new opportunities to celebrate your students’ successes! Give them new goals to aspire to and watch for students that are doing things above and beyond what’s expected. Look for students who are making progress, even if there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Remember that baby steps are cause for celebration, too! Aim to keep things fresh, adjusting goals, using new incentives and selecting different charts from our creative selection.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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