Premium Behavior Charts for Kids

Do you need an effective way to discipline and manage your child's behavior? Are you tired of your kids not listening to you? Do you want your children to respect you and behave?

If yes, you've come to the right place!

Our printable behavior charts are one-of-a-kind. Nowhere else will you find such a wide variety of cute, high-quality free behavior charts that can be customized for use with your children (you can type into the charts to personalize them). Select from a wide variety including reward charts, behavior contracts, chore charts, potty charts, award certificates, behavior bucks and much more!

We take pride in creating appealing, fun charts for your use. The more the kids enjoy them, the better your success! We have top-quality charts developed by experts in child behavior and discipline. The charts are designed to keep your toddlers, kids, or teens motivated.

“Hi, when your “Summer Chores Chart” popped up in my e-mail box I decided to write to you. First, thank you for the chart, it was just what our family needed to get some structure going for these long summer days. But mostly, I wanted you to know that I’ve used your charts for years, from potty training when a toddler, to getting out the door to school, and doing homework. 

So many of them “hit the mark” for us. You obviously know the challenges we parents face! I’m sure I’ll still be using them when the teen years get closer (yikes). Please keep them coming!  -- TC, Miami 

How will a Free Trial benefit you?

Your free trial brings ideas and tools straight to your email box that you can use again and again. We are proud to present the most parent- and kid-friendly charts online (or so we are told)! Your free trial will bring you ALL of these benefits and free bonuses:

  • Select from 100s of premium behavior charts and other printables (you can type to customize the charts before printing!)
  • Receive discounts on our e-books (including our Behavior Charts to the Rescue book)
  • Learn helpful tips and tricks for managing child behavior problems
  • Access all of our premium health articles and research updates
  • Receive an exclusive newsletter focused on improving your family's health
  • Bonus #1:  Age Appropriate Chores for Kids (Printable Cheat Sheet)
  • Bonus #2:  104 Ways to Praise Your Child (Printable Cheat Sheet)
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What types of premium charts will I be able to download, customize, and print?

Award Certificates

Behavior Contracts

Homework Charts

Potty Training Charts

Behavior Bucks


Hygiene Charts

Reading Charts

Behavior Charts

Feelings Charts

Pet Care Charts

Reward Coupons

Your kids are going to love using their special personalized behavior charts.

You'll get instant access to select from over 100 different behavior charts!  Here's a sneak peak!

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Fill Circles Fish Chore Chart Border
Primary Colorful Worm Award Certificate Border
Froggie Potty Chart Border
Had a Great Day Preschool Chart
Slept in my Own Bed Sticker Chart

Bonus Item #1

Age Appropriate Chores List for Kids

You'll get immediate access to our popular "Age Appropriate Chores for Kids" PDF printable cheat sheet, which has different chores broken down by age groups in a nicely formatted single page for printing.  You can keep a copy in your child’s room and one in the kitchen for easy access.

Bonus Item #2

104 Ways to Praise Your Kid

You'll get immediate access to our popular "104 Ways to Praise Your Kid" PDF printable cheat sheet, which has a huge list of unique ways for you to tell your kid that he or she is doing an amazing job.  Praising your child can help to boost self esteem and will help keep your child motivated to do their chores.

We're not the only ones who think you're going to love our premium behavior charts...

“Your chore charts have saved the day!”

Getting my little one to help out with chores was such a struggle. Then I saw your chart on appropriate tasks for different ages. It opened my eyes to new ideas to help her develop responsibility. She loves knowing she's helping me out, and the chart makes it so simple and fun. Thanks!  -- MW, Evanston, IL

“Love your incentive charts!"

I’m a second-grade teacher and share your behavior charts with lots of parents. Sometimes it just takes that extra attention to a problem to make a difference for them. I’ve also tried some of your charts that can be personalized for my own (offered with Premium Membership). It’s great to be able to fill them in online and just click, print and you're done!” -- JM, London, UK

“We use your contracts for allowance”

My wife and I have found the easiest way to get our boy to follow rules is to sign an agreement about allowance that spells everything out. A school counselor suggested the idea to me, but I didn’t have any forms that I liked until I saw yours. We wanted it to seem important, but not be dry like a business. I’ll be checking your site for more charts when school starts back up in the fall. -- VO, Chatham, Ontario

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