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Weekly and Monthly Charts

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Weekly & Monthly Charts Introduction

Do you need to track one more more behaviors throughout a week or even a month? The visual reminder of one of our many behavior charts, paired with an incentive, can work wonders. While weekly charts are most common with younger children, you should be able to find a chart for any age group.

Selecting a Weekly or Monthly Chart

While we offer charts with spaces for several tasks, goals or achievements, you don’t have to use all the available areas. You can focus on any number of activities within the spaces provided. Usually a young child can only focus on a few tasks, while a teen may be able to manage several tasks throughout a month.

Using Our Printable Weekly & Monthly Charts

For monthly charts, you will need small-sized stickers or else plan to use a check mark to register a successful behavior.For printable weekly charts, plan to use color stickers and consider having a variety on hand. Premium members will be able to type directly on a chart and print any number of copies they wish. It’s so convenient to have them stored and ready to use! Select charts you think will be visually appealing to your child.

Keep it Interesting

With our wide selection of printable behavior charts you’ll be able to rotate charts and keep your efforts fresh, making it more interesting for your child. Of course a variety of stickers makes a difference too!

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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If you have any ideas on new charts that you would like to see us offer, then please send us a note. We would love to hear from you!

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