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Sticker & Star Charts Introduction

Sticker and Star Charts have been the mainstay of behavior modification charts for decades. But times have changed! Thirty years ago, you could give a child a single shiny star and they were thrilled.  Then, stickers with fun images came on on the scene, and soon stickers were a hot item with kids. In no time, companies were marketing designed stickers to children. So now, colorful stickers (and stars!) are part of a successful behavior chart approach.

Selecting a Sticker or Star Chart

Our dot-to-dot Sticker or Star Charts (also known as step-by-step behavior charts) are ideal for using large, color stickers. You can have a lot of fun with dazzling stars or decorative stickers. Weekly charts tend to have confined spaces but they still allow for a variety of stickers that should keep your child’s interest. While the stickers or stars make the process enjoyable for parents and kids, remember that the main focus when selecting a chart should be about the behavior(s) you want to achieve.

Using Our Printable Sticker & Star Charts

When using stars or designed stickers, decide whether it is best for you to place them on a chart or whether you want to let the child do so. The size and type of sticker or star can make a difference for young kids, so take a little extra time to find visually appealing items. (Enjoy the stickers you might not have been able to have as a child!) One option when using Sticker and Star Charts is to laminate a chart for repeat use.

Keep it Interesting

We suggest changing Sticker and Star Charts now and then to help keep your child motivated with the goals of the chart. This works especially well if you hang their completed charts somewhere prominent and visible in your house. We also suggest changing the stickers or using different colored crayons and markers periodically.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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