Printable Behavior Charts for Kids (Ages 3-10)

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Behavior Charts Introduction

Below, you’ll find a variety of behavior charts to use with your 3-10 year old. You’ll find chore charts, incentive charts, potty charts, weekly charts, reading charts, and many, many others. Not only will these behavior charts inspire your child toward better behavior, but your kids can also develop better habits when the charts are used properly.

Selecting a Behavior Chart

Behavior Charts for the 3 – 10 age group are especially fun to use, because there are so many types and designs to select from. We enjoy creating them because there are so many possibilities! Each is unique and made to meet the needs of parents at different stages of their child’s development.

If you are looking for something special and don’t see it, please let us know and we’ll try to develop it!

Using Our Printable Behavior Charts

Sometimes you want to eliminate a negative behavior, so you will be focusing on rewarding the opposite, positive behavior. Other times there is already a positive action taking place and you can use the charts to let your child know how much you appreciate this.

If you’re new to using behavior charts, or want a refresher, take a look at this article: Getting Started with Behavior Charts. Most of the behavior charts below are intended to target a single new behavior, but some of them, such as the weekly charts, can track more than one behavior at a time. Full instructions for using behavior charts correctly can be found in our parent guide: Behavior Charts to the Rescue.

Keep it Interesting

You can switch charts from time to time to keep you child’s interest. It also helps to vary the types of stickers used. As a parent, you probably know what types of charts or stickers will most appeal. But you can also ask your son or daughter to help select the design that most appeals.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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