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No more tics....update on my son


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Regarding Bonnies Supps; are you doing both the ts plus and the mag taurate? This initially helped our son, then stopped. We are into our 2nd week of gluten free, so I'm wondering if I should retry Bonnies supps again.


Thanks for your info.



just the ts plus. We also do the calm in the evening.

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Hello Lenny,

I cried when I saw your message. We are going through a very difficult period right now. My son (7yo) has the worst tics that I've seen since they began 5 years ago. He is constantly (24/7) sniffing, taking short breaths, and clearing his throat. He is also doing some body movements and facial tics. Last week, the doctor finally stated that he thinks it's definitely tourettes. I've been a wreck and crying nonstop for the last two weeks. I don't know what to do to help him. Is it really supposed to be this bad for him? Could it be something else? This evening, he scared us because his tics were so intense that he said he was having a hard time breathing. He looked terrified and I sang him a song to calm him down. I'm afraid for him. We just started a gluten-free/wheat free diet. I think it's going to be tough at school, though. He wants to eat the school snacks. We are also doing homeopathy. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I'm very new to this. We just started the homeopathy 2 1/2 months ago. What is NAET? Please help. All my waking moments are filled with concern and heartbreak for my son. I feel helpless.

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I do just want to encourage you to try to not let your son see how upset you are. One of the biggest triggers for tics is stress, and when a child realizes their parent is in an upset state, and realizes that somehow they have caused the distress, it can intensify tics. I know it is hard, but remember, these are only tics, not a life threatening illness! TS is not some dreadful doom diagnosis and as Lenny, myself and many others here can tell you, nomatter what is causing the tics, there are ways to help make things better. But the most important thing right now is for you to take a deep breath and try to bring your own emotions under control so that you can be at your best to stay focused and help your child. ((hugs))

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