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Question about High Histamine

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Happy Holidays,


I wanted to know if someone could answer 2 quick questions for me.


Can you have a high histamine and high homocysteine level together? If so, how is that possible when under methylated you are deficient in methithione which is the main reason for the excess homocysteine?


The internet does not answer this question. I can’t afford the full membership because of related methylation health issues caused by Arsenic Poisoning that has destroyed almost all aspects of my life. This unclear issue is driving me nuts.


Please I beg of you help me!


Thank You

Shawn Conlon

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Shawn, sorry for the delay, I was out of town.


I have contacted some professionals and posed your question, and will get back to you with any responses I receive. I hope some answers will be forthcoming.


By the way, if you write to me at Sheila@Latitudes.org I can arrange for you to receive Latitudes. (Please put Shawn in the subject line.)


Best wishes, Sheila

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Shawn, these are the replies I heard from a couple of practioners:


One suggested it could occur, especially if you eat a lot of meat.


The other said: It makes sense because in order to rid the body of excess homocysteine, methylating factors like Vit B12, folic acid, and TMG are necessary. These function to remethylate homocysteine back into methionine.


Also, someone who posts here suggested you go to this site to discuss lab results or aske related questions:





I hope that's some help. Sheila

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Some people can have naturally high histamine levels. But, your homocysteine (HCY) levels are not about your histamine levels per se but more an indication if you are methlating properly. High histamine means a tendency to undermethylate. This is someone who needs the right combination of supplements that increase methylation rates in the body. I am not recommending that you try what I explain because this is to help you understand this topic AND this is not something you should do yourself without medical supervision.


Orthomolecular treats high histamine types. They under methylate and the body rids itself of histamine through methylation and sulfation. So increasing methylation means these nutritional supplements also help release histamine from the body. The supplements generally known for high histamine types is methionine, a sulfur containing amino acid and calcium and magnesium which also release histamine. There are others too that help, but that is not that important to go into every nutrient.


The point is that some nutrients actually raise histamine so these supplements should actually be avoided by a person with high histamine levels (histadelic). Naicin, in the form that causes the flush is one. That naicin flush is actually the basophil and mast cells filling up with histamine. And both folic acid and vitamin b12 raise histamine levels. Folic acid is actually something for high histamine types to avoid completely. The b12 may need a blood test or something but b12 is less important than folic acid. And any other form of naicin beside the flushing type would work find for a high histamine type. That is a basic though not complete explanation of how to supplement for high histamine levels.


Anyone can develop high HCY levels because their body is not properly methylating. That can mean they over methlate too much perhaps, or they could be under methylating. Without the proper nutrition, it seems, methylation may not work exactly as it is supposed to.


Orthomolecular uses megadose nutrtional suppelements to treat real conditions like high histamine levels or low histamine levels. But biochemists, like Craig Cooney, have published their own stuff on how to use nutritional supplements for improving methlyation rates too. Cooney's book might be great for someone with normal histamine levels because his doses are lower than what ortho uses.


But it is possible for people to have normal histamine levels and who want to insure they don't have any problems at all with methylation working in their body. And even though your histamine levels are in the normal range your body may still need some help with better methylation rates. You may still be missing some nutrients that would help your methylation. Methylation does so much more than just release histamine, so histamine is not as extensive a topic as methylation. So just having normal histamine levels can not indicate that methylation is functioning properly for sure.

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