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any studies on longer term use of Zithro?

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zithromax seems to be helping our child with this new tic and we were almost at 90-95% on day 6 (had last dose on day 5) but had no more medicine. She did provide another round but at a lower dose. We think she needs to be on the higher dose longer and we do want to taper, but slowly.


Any well read people out there to help with cases published that show it is ok to use longer term? Obviously MANY children on here are doing it. We are getting a consult soon but we'd like to continue it now this week.


thanks again

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Azithromycin is (commonly?) used long term for acne http://dermatology.cdlib.org/134/original/azithromycin/bardazzi.html.


There are also studies re its long term use with cystic fibrosis http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/442144.


I also know that LLD's use Azith. long term in children with Lyme (this example may not go over too well with your ped. however!)


I should add that you may need to go to a "higher" power (an immunologist, rheumatologist, or "PANDAS expert") to find someone more comfortable with long term abs (at good doses) as many peds tend to be fearful of antibiotics.

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