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Jasmin Oil is sold out everywhere

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Hello, Chemar mentioned that Jasmin oil is great to calm you down and I ordered it from three different websites and all of them said in stock, but never shipped because it was out of stock. Does anybody know where I can order it from? Im really starting to get irritated I keep getting refunded and I really want to see if the oil can help calm my nerves down. Also, I checked near by health stores and none of them have it for sale.


Thank You

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I think that research publicity probably caused a run on it.

best to try ordering from somewhere that has a phone number so you can ask if they have it in stock


we got our at a local health store this last time, but usually get it from iHerb.com, tho they are out too at present


you could try calling NOW directly to see when they expect to be resupplying, or if they know who still has supplies


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you may want to try googling for the various reports CP


I explained in another post that my computer crashed a few weeks ago and I have lost my bookmarks


it was reports of studies showing using jasmine oil aromatherapeutically to be in some cases more effective than SSRIs and other meds, and obviously without the dreaded side effects

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I buy my oils (they have absolute jasmine or a mix with a carrier oil) from www.birchhillhappenings.com. I've been doing business with them for over a year. They are very knowledgeable, they have high quality oils, and they respond to questions quickly. I just bought some jasmine oil from them this past week. Hope this helps, CP!



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