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Our Immunologist in San Antonio

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Hello all!


Our Immunologist in San Antonio who Dr. M.C. calls a "very fine pediatrician and immunologist" is steadily working with his team on a protocol for treating PANDAS patients which will include if necessary IVIG and PEX. Dr. M.C. is heading to San Antonio in February to discuss the work they are doing with our Dr. and his team. Very exciting stuff! Our experience with his team was great, so PM me if you want his name and number. He is very serious about defining a good, safe, realistic approach to treating PANDAS children and I know if you are looking for a Dr. in this area he would be a good choice.



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Thanks! We are seeing him in October..can you be more specific in how he has helped you?


This wasn't posted to me but I'd like to add my two cents worth. Dr. B figured out my daughter has allergies that make her sinuses a great place for infection to grow. He diagnosed her with a sinus infection on our first visit despite 6 months of doubled up antibiotics. It wasn't until we used his protocal that the infection abated. (allergy meds, sinus rinses and sprays, combined with the antibiotics)


He did a vast amount of testing and figured out she has no antibodies to fight strep and he got our insurance to cover IVIG (1.5g/kg), which was badly needed. After the first IVIG she improved at least 70%. After the second one she got another sinus infection and backslid a bit but we quickly figured out what the problem was and treated it aggressively and she's back on the rebound and things are moving in the right direction again. Now if we can just prevent her from getting another one, we'll be doing well. She is scheduled for another IVIG in mid-Oct. and I feel confident that it is a good choice for her under the circumstances.

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