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Adult ADHD: When Medications Aren't Enough


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Using cognitive-behavioral therapy to train attention in patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder adds to the benefit of medications.


Comment: Given the distress and impairment associated with ADHD in adulthood, additional options for treatment are highly desirable. This excellent first-step study demonstrates the value of individually administered add-on therapy. CBT appeared to be moderately superior to relaxation and education. Recently, group metacognitive therapy was found to be superior to supportive psychotherapy in ameliorating ADHD symptoms (JW Psychiatry Apr 12 2010). Clinicians should consider various attention-focusing interventions for ADHD patients with insufficient response to medication. We now have several promising leads. To disseminate these approaches, researchers might develop computer-based interventions that engage, sustain, and train the ADHD patient's attention.


— Joel Yager, MD


Published in Journal Watch Psychiatry August 24, 2010

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