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This Lyme and Related Diseases Forum has been started at the request of members, and we welcome participation. The forum is open for discussion on a variety of issues in tick-borne disease: diagnosis (and misdiagnosis!); treatment; lifestyle; coping; and patient or parenting problems/suggestions. In time we aim to provide information on natural treatments that may be helpful as part of an integrative approach.

Please be kind, supportive, and understanding to all:


Testing protocols, diagnosis, and the treatment of Lyme and related diseases are evolving, without full consensus among experts. No one yet has all the answers (not even our wonderful members ^_^). Please keep this in mind, and we ask that you follow our Community Forum Guidelines on civility posted in Announcements, above.


Thank you, and I'm sure we will all learn a great deal from each other! Sheila




These organizations are some of several that provide info on Lyme and associated conditions:


Columbia Lyme

ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society)

Lyme Disease Association

Time for Lyme



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