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I'm sure this is a case of "can't see the forest for the trees"...but I can't find the link/hot button for the list of PANDAS "friendly" doctors in the different states. I think I'm just looking too hard and overlooking it. I called the pediatric neurologist this morning that I have the appt. for my son with tomorrow (HAD) and asked specifically....their answer: "We have patients here WITH PANDAS...but we don't treat it." And the more I pressed for what THAT means....the more flustered the lady at the front became. It was intersting....


Can someone point me in the direction of the list. I think someone here may have emailed it to me if it's the same list and there were only 2 for Georgia. And only one of those was covered by my insurance...I'm hoping this list on this website isn't the same one I've seen. Thanks!

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To be frank, however, there are a limited number of doctors that understand and treat PANDAS across the country. It is a tough disease to have on more than one front. Hopefully that will change soon. In the meantime, many of us have found the best solution is to travel to an expert and then ask them to consult back to a local doctor. If you can find a local doctor first that does not know much, but is willing to learn, that is generally best.

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