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It is finally happening. I'm taking dd9 to dr.k next week for ivig.

I am happy, but scared to death.

What should I bring besides dvd's and other things to occupy her?

I really need to calm down, it will be fine right?

i am doing the right thing.....i am doing the right thing.....i am doing the right thing......



thanks guys

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You are absolutely doing the right thing. Dr. K is awesome, funny too. We flew to Chicago on Aug. 2nd for IVIG on the 4th & 5th. The first day is a field day - totally no big deal. The second day her IV site hurt but that was the biggest complaint. Definitely plan to do something fun the day before and the 1st day in the afternoon..it will make the trip better.


The plane ride home was miserable because there were storms in Charlotte and we couldn't land to catch our next flight. I highly recommend flying direct. I finally rented a car and drove home after we diverted to Columbia.


The next day she did have 1 instance of projectile vomiting and the headache that needed the steroids. Between alternating Tylenol, Ibuprofen and one dose of the steroids that he will send you home with she was fine. You'd never even know she did anything.


It's been exactly 2 weeks today, still no results but it's early. Anything I can do that might even help a little is worth it.


IVIG was really NO BIG DEAL for her at all. You'll be fine. :-) If you go to the planetarium make an appointment (buy tickets) for the main show in advance.


He has some videos and video players..bring snacks and a beverage - you will have to go out for food, bring a book for you since you will have nothing to do while she sits in the hospital bed and watches TV.

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I don't know your child's situation, but for my child, it was absolutely the right thing and I am so glad we did it! She is approaching 2 years post IVIG and is 100%.


My dd did not have any issues with flairs or turning back the pages, really at all. But she was extremely ill (PANDAS) - the only direction she could go was up. I will never regret it, would do it again in a heart beat if she needed it and credit the doc who agreed to give her the IVIG for saving her life.


I hope your child has a smooth procedure and healing time!


All the best~

amy s

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You are doing the right thing. Take anything that will occupy your child's attention. Take something for yourself, as well. New magazine, book, whatever. You may meet another parent whose child is undergoing IVIg. We met a wonderful mom from New Jersey that I am so proud to know. Take a deep breath, let it out slowly and know that you are in very good hands. You will never regret the step you are about to take.


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You area absolutely doing the best you can for your child. Our dd12 had IVIg with Dr K 9 weeks ago. She was in quite an exacerbation at the time and demonstrated some of it to Dr K and Donna while she received her second day of IVIg but as I write this she has now spent 9 days away at music camp...this from a child who could not function just 4 weeks ago. Yes, she had quite a difficult time through 4 weeks post IVIg. We did not see improvements until after week 5 and then by week 8 was going off to camp. We would do it again if needed, which is a sure sign that we made the right decision...and so are you! Defintely have fun on your appt day and then your first IVIg day. There are plenty of things to do very close to Oakbrook Surgical Center...and the staff at Oakbrook--well, I will forever hold them in my heart, every one of them, for all they did for us. You will all be so well cared for while you are there!

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No one could have been more stressed than I was about the whole thing. It's actually relaxiing! A doctor that has seem hundreds of pandas kids is going to tell you what to do. It is a releif. Dr k is quite a character. He will keep you and your child entertained and relaxed. Donna is fabulous too.

We got the migrane and vomiting on Sunday after treatment on thurs/Friday. He also had migraine fri nite, but knocked that out immediately with steroids. I thought we were out of the woods since Saturday was great...

We are two weeks post. Things good, no miracles yet.

Have a good trip and eat some deep dish- connie's is dr k s favorite, we god take out on Thursday from there... Yum.

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I had so many doubts going in and we already had our in person consultation with dr k. You are in good hands. Nurse Lanna is awesome as well. If u drink coffee there is a Starbucks next door. Bring warm clothes. It's really hot here now but OBSC is freezing.

We r 9 weeks post ivig and doing awesome. Would I do it again? Absolutely!

Best wishes!


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