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I am new to the vitamin/supplement route. I had mentioned in a previous post that my DD has vocal and motor tics. She started with motor when she was about 5 and have had them through out the years. We are really trying to get things figured out this last year and a half - for she is now aware of her tics and quite upset about them. They scare her - the idea that her body is doing something that she doesn't control really bothers her. As I mentioned she now has vocal tics too - a sort of humm/grunt.


On the advice of a doctor we saw we have her on the following. He based this on blood tests and hair analysis. She also has inattentive type ADHD.



High doses of vitamin D

High doses of Vitamin E

Spectrum complete multi (double dose)



pre-pro biotic.

Omega 3 oils (though I stopped these incase they were making the vocal tics worse)


She currently takes 500mg of L-carnitine in the AM. I have noticed quite an improvement in her inattentive ADHD symptoms since being on this. But no change in vocal tics. I have seen other posts mention that L-carnitine really helped the vocal tics. Should I be giving her more L-carnitine in the afternoon? She is 10 years old and weighs 60 lbs.

Any other supplements you think I should add?

Thanks for any help. I am so happy there is a board like this, so I don't feel so alone.


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i think a few will add here...

but we tried the l-carnainit just for a lttil while...and then backed off

i have heard for some it makes vocals worse.....


i thinkg you need to find out what the gut issue is..i know it worked for chemars son and someone else..but if you have yeast or some other problem it may make it worse...

of course there is herxing where sometimes things get worse before they get better....

same goes for NAC...it may help,,,but if there are digestive issues..until things are even you may want to wait unfortunately

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500mg L-Carnitine is the highest daily dose I would do, especially for a child


we used only l-carnitine but I know some people have said they prefer the acetyl-L-carnitine


I have never heard of people having increased vocals from it, but do know some people just don't tolerate it and get edgy/spacy on it

It is an amino acid and so one should use it carefully as amino's do have rather dramatic effects on the neuro system


what are the ingredients of the spectrum multi that you are using?

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