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Hi Everyone,


Just wanted to add a post here for anyone supplementing with Zinc.


My son has been taking B6, Magnesium and Zinc since August and the tics are completely gone. I believe he may have Pyroluria but haven't been successful in getting a urine sample sent to the States from Canada in its frozen state. Anyway, the tics are completely gone and have been now for awhile.


However, in late October he developed a tingling in his fingers. I thought I was giving too much B6, however recently we made a trip to the MD and he believes Will has Carpal Tunnel Sydrome. He has never seen it in child, however, all the tets appear to show this and the telltale sign is that the tingling happens in all fingers but the pinky. The median nerve that causes Carpal Tunnel does not affect the pinky finger. Since my son has stopped ticcing he has been playing gameboy for hours after receiving a couple of new Pokemon games that he loves.


The repetetive wrist and finger action as caused this syndrome....at least this is what my doctor believes. Well, when I started to reserch nutrients used for Carpal Tunnel, along with B6 it said Manganese. I had never used manganese but had read that sometimes it is needed for the treatment of Pyroluria. I came a accross a website that said if you are supplementing with zinc, you should also supplement with manganese as megadoses of zinc depletes the blood of manganese.


There are many other disorders and symptoms associated with manganese deficiency as it is a vital nutrients linked to the use of many other nutrients in the body.


Just wanted to point this out to anyone using zinc supplementation.

A good article to explain it is on the following website:





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Hi Heather,


I have to tell you that before your Dr tells you he needs an operation, look into chiropractic or kinesiology to try to fix the problem. I remember talking to one of them about specialists that like to operate, but that it can be fixed relativly easy with other methods. I can't remember which one (sorry)



As you know I am wary of "normal" Dr's opinions!

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Hi Ausclare,


Thanks for the info. I have already looked into other options. I have come across a book by Kate Montgomery that is healing with exercises and has excellent reviews and testimonials. I am also going to try the vitamin treatment for awhile since I do believe he has a major imbalance causing this involving B6 and perhaps manganese.


It is still only a tingling with no pain so I don't believe it has advanced to a place where an operation is recommended.


He is being tested for blood glucose levels as well so if we can correct that imbalance it often goes away as it is common in diabetics or hypothyroidism.


Does anyone know of a natural way to balance blood sugar levels?


Thanks again Ausclare for your input. I appreciate your concern.



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Hi Heather,


I had very bad tingling in both of my hands when I was working on the computer too much ( about a year ago). It felt like someone was throwing sparks of flame on my hands - I don't remember if it affected my pinky or not. A co-worker told me that if I put both my palms flat on a table and lean forward towards them, I would be able to tell if it was Carpal Tunnel Sydrome. Sure enough, it was extremely painful to do this which meant that I had Carpal.


I didn't have the operation. I slowed down my computer usage and that did it. I haven't had pain since because I don't overdo it. Perhaps you can try the same and see if that makes a difference.


Regarding lowering blood sugar levels, I read this great book called "Reversing Diabetes" by Dr. Julian Whitaker. It had great advice on how to do this naturally. Amongst some of the suggestions was to increase fiber intake, essential fatty acids. I will try to dig up the book and give you more of the advise.

Take care,


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chromium 100 mg and niacinamide are known to prevent childhood diabetes and help blood sugar balance go to www.iherb.com and look up diabetes. However, too much niacinamide is not good for undermethylated kids (per Pfeiffer) as some of our kids seem to me.


Carnitine helps energy conversion and can help. Biotin also.


Finally, eating lower glycemic foods helps.


The adrenal stress test tests for insulin levels as well as adrenal/cortisol function. The adrenal stress affects pancreas.


Coconut oil supposedly helps the thyroid. Gluten sensitivity has been implicated in thyroid issues and diabetes.


My family has diabetes and thyroid issues, so I have paid attention.


I know lots of folks with carpel tunnel and none with diabetes/thyroid issues. Good to investigate of course, you never know. I have never heard of that correlation.


So are you limiting the gameboy? Does your son mind?



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Thanks Claire and Evangelia,


He is no longer using the Gameboy and this has been tough. I am working on finding other things but it is difficult as he was really in the habit of using it a lot the last few months.


I am really wondering about the L-Carnitine and have been researching the use of it for tics as well. Funny enough the tics remain gone so I am relieved about that.


I just read on a forum about children with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and how it was treated with an elimination diet and B6 which was successful across the board for 6 children who tried it. Will has been eating all the triggering foods lately so I am going to try the elimination diet for all his known triggers and see if that helps. We have also upped the B6 in the P5P form.

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