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Canola oil ....is it healthy?

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Thanks for that Nessie!


Since we've been doing the failsafe diet, I have changed to safflower oil.

Did you know that when you heat flaxseed oil, it turns into a type of carciogenic?

If you are going to use it in cooking, it's best to add it to dishes after you have removed them from the heat.


A really delicious salad dressing is

a sploosh of-

flaxseed (linseed)oil

tamari ( wheatfree soy sauce)

lemon juice

apple cider vinegar ( with the mother) this means it is unpasturised.


For the salad grate


white radish (diakon)


coloured lettuce- mignonette, those frilly purple ones etc, the more colour the better they are.

celery, snow peas

sprouted mung beans and lentils etc

fresh corriander, mint, fennel

anything else that is green and fresh!



Not good on the failsafe diet, but great for me!

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we were advised to only use olive oil or safflower oil for cooking.

For salad dressings we use olive and sesame blends and ume plum vinegar or pure cider vinegar or rice vinegar depending on the flavor we want. Also add tamari, grated ginger, grated garlic and various fresh chopped herbs. Carrot juice also adds great flavor to salad dressings

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I stopped using canola oil after reading Mercola on it. Though he does drive me nuts when he pushes his products, as I start getting suspicious of unintentional bias.


I try coconut oil occasionally, but it stinks up the house and kills everyone's appetitie.


So we do olive oil.


I didn't know that about flaxseed oil Ausclare! I will tell my mother in case. (We do fish oil)



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