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I'm with you with the tick fear, philamom. I had to google an image of a tick, then I counted the legs and realized there were 8 like a spider. So, I had to ask my husband that grew up in WI if I would know the difference between a spider and a tick if I saw one. He assured me I would. I am searching for an Avon seller in the area to buy the bug stuff Lyme Mom recommended. And I know we have a deer living across the street in the yard of a foreclosed house.Oh, man, I never did good with bugs and now this...


Like dc mom and many others, my dd has ocd about germs and sick people. Now that she is doing better, we encourage her to touch door knobs, flush toilet, play in dirt etc. So now she has taken a liking to search for insects. She loves them all...they're her friends. She even attempts to feed the flys - Yuck! I'm terrified...she doesn't know about the Lyme diagnoses yet. I now have a bookmark that has pictures of different ticks and their sizes(different stages)that I keep in my pocketbook. Even Bambi makes me shiver!

BTW- I recently got a good deal with the Avon bug stuff...buy 1 get second product 99cents.

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Yes- I have pondered the irony many times.used to thing my friends were abusing antibiotics-and that what dent kill you made you stronger!

My sons trigger- hearing or seeing me swallow(even saliva) has made me totally paranoid, even when he isn't around! I have been seances and cultured 4 timesincluding my sinuses bcs I had one rapid strep come up

Positive. I have had a minor post nasal(very,very minor I thought might be in my head because so focued on not swallowing!) i had some antibiotics bcs of the first false pos rapid strep, that I decided to take when ds did ivig last week, post nasal drip disappeared! Can't say that my heart palpitations are any better tho!

I'll be on that cruise too- drinking my new drink. A Dark and Stormy(dark rum and Ginger beer)

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Right now my 8 yo PANDAS son's obsessions revolve around urine/feces. He's constantly afraid he's soiled himself/his underwear/his clothes. Every wet spot on the floor/toilet/his clothing must be urine. He's always checking if we washed our hands, etc.


Of course, a few weeks ago we had to potty train our 3 yo son to be ready for preschool this fall. So now we're always asking the DS3 if he needs to go potty, is he sure, are his undies dry, make sure you wash your hands, you need to wipe better, etc, while telling DS8 to stop worrying about his undies, they are clean, no he doesn't need to go to the bathroom again, stop wiping over and over. What a great combination!!! And my 3 yo knows it bugs the 8 yo, so he gets off the toilet and chases his big brother down the hall, naked and singing "PEE, POOP ON ME!!!", while big brother shrieks and runs away.


The 8 yo just had IVIG, so I'm keeping him away from the public in general right now. I just started having a friend or two over whose parents I've interrogated as to their health status. The minute they walk in the door I have them wash their hands. And then I watch them like a hawk to make sure they don't share cups or snacks. Gee, whose phobic now?

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