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2010/2011 Flu Shot

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My son received the H1N1 dead vaccine shot last year and had a horrible exacerbation within a week. We were still new to the PANDAS diagnosis (thus did not even think that the shot could be a problem but got the dead virus just in case). His first exacerbation resolved well after 10 days of Augmentin. We could not get the exacerbation from the H1N1 shot to settle down for almost 3 months. When I mentioned this to Dr. Nicolaides she felt the shot probably triggered it. She stated that the seasonal flu seemed to be OK but the H1N1 caused many to react. I asked our pharmacist if they were offering any separate shots this year and it does not sound like that will be an option this year. We will not get vaccinated this year. I'll just choose to be a germaphobe instead of reliving last year!

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Absolutely not! I am a RN, personally I think the h1n1 scare was to bump up pharmaceutical profits. My daughter has received the flu TWICE within 48 hours of a flu shot, I don't care what they say- too much to be a coincidence to me. One of the shots led to a POSITIVE influenze test the week after, tonsils swelled, never went down, and had to removed d/t obstructive sleep apnea. Thats a whole other story, they kept telling me that her tonsils weren't that enlarged. she COULDN't breathe!!! I spent 9 mos waking her up every night and repositioning her to be able to breathe better. Finally, she fell asleep in dr office, and he heard, then immediately said "they need to come out" DUH,I've been saying it for 9MOS!!! She gained 4 lbs and grew an inch within a month of having them removed. Sorry I am venting now, but I know 1st hand how these vax are pushed upon people, especially in the hospital, HELLO, they are sick, why vax them now- even in CRITICAL CARE! Sorry again, this one reallllllly bugs me. I will also tell you that a pretty large %% of the doctors also refuse to get these flu shots.



OH, and 1 more important thing, my daughter had hin1 in Dec 2009, that was the trigger for the most severe exacerbation yet (led to PANDAS/PITAND diagnosis) still not under control. I would advise against exposing our children to ANY vaccines at this point (my personal opinion)

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