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I know it's here. Help me find it! :)

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I'm trying to find the thread that tells us what brand of probiotic is a good strep free one to give our children. Anyone have an idea or know the name? Thanks!


Culturelle does not. You can find it at the drugstore.


Custom Probiotics has strains without. You can purchase online.

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We use Custom Probiotics in high doses and can be purchased by specific strain. http://www.customprobiotics.com/products.htm


BUT, I will add we give Kefir daily and there are strep strains present. My younger DS was deficient in 13 of 14 strep pneumo titers November 2009. We retested him in June 2010 after 6 months of daily kefir, high dose probiotics, bentonite clay, B-12 and antibiotic and he is now responsive in 5 of 14 serotypes some are even 3+!!!!!!!!

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Klaire Labs has several good ones. Pro-b complex has acidophilus and bifidum at 5 bil each and their Vital Plex has several different strains at 5 bil and 10 bil, and these do not contain the s. thermo. they do have others that do however. I like these because they are the refridgerated kind, mut mayu be hard to find, I get it in our local health food store. about $20.00 for 100 capsules. theyese alos mix very well in a shot glass of water, I open the capsules.

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