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caring mom,


is this the first time you are using abx longer term? what was the abx that was given the third time that you say didn't help (when it was just strep).....


Do you feel it is the azith or the flagyl for the clostridium that is making the most change? I am assuming the change you speak of means vocals are way diminished, are they gone?....my son's main problem is vocal and it sounds similar to what you describe.




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When my dd(6) had her sinus infections at age 5 we were just given a regular 5-7 day course of antibiotics to get rid of the infection each time. The last time we were given Biaxin. We had no idea it was strep. It wasn't until I took her to a DAN dr 1 month ago that we ran blood tests and found out that her anti dnase strep antibodies were elevated (her results were 1:480 - she should have been < 1:170). This is the first time we are on long term antibiotics (azith 2x/day 200mg liquid). It's so hard to say what is really doing it for us but my gut is telling me it is the Flagyl. We started out on azith 200mg 1x/day for 2 weeks and saw NO improvement. The dr then added the Flagyl (her lab results came in after we started the azith) and doubled her Azith because we weren't seeing any results. We started both meds (Flagyl and higher azith dosage) on the same day. I started to notice a slight improvement in her in about 2-3 days. I don't think the Azith would work that quickly after showing nothing for 2 weeks at the lower dosage. Her vocals went from hearing her every 5-10 seconds to hearing her about 10-15 times A DAY. Faith, I could be wrong but I really think it was the Flagyl. The dr diagnosed her with PANDAS but I'm having a really hard time believing it because she just doesn't seem to fit the Pandas profile at all (she was originally diagnosed with Tourettes 1 1/2 years ago). I'll be happy to answer any more questions you might have.

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Hi Trg girl,


My dd is 6 and really her only main issue is her vocal tic. She is a little immature for her age in my opinion - meaning she sometimes has tantrums over stupid things that aren't really age appropriate (like if her brother takes a toy that's hers but this only happens once or twice a week). She has a mild sensory issue with clothing. Sometimes things don't feel tight enough to her (like her underwear, sock and shoes) but again this happens maybe once or twice a week. At school (she just finished Kindergarten) her teacher said she seems completely normal like the other kids. She did very well in kindergarten and was at the top of her class. The teacher did say that she can be a bit impulsive. The example she gave me was that my daughter finished her work and despite there being a line of children waiting for the teacher to check their work she went up to the front of the line and told the teacher she was done and she should check her work. However, the teacher mentioned as well that there are many others in the class with the same problem. We thought she might have adhd when she was younger (around 2-3 years old). She was unable to sit still and was extremely impulsive (she jumped into a swimming pool by herself on a cruise ship to get to me when she saw me walking into the pool area - my husband had to jump in after her). However, when she turned 4 all that craziness and hyperness went away. We thought she was finally maturing and calming down. One year later came the tics. Let me know if you need more info. Hope this helps you out.


Caring Mom

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