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Does a positive 41 band on Lyme's test mean you have Lyme's di

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Wondering about your OspC.  To quote Dr. Horowitz, "Borrelia specific bands reflect outer surface proteins on the surface of the organism that are seen more often in Lyme disease than in other infections.  These bands include the following five proteins, each with different molecular weights (31, 34, 39, and 83-93) If any of these bands are present on a western blot, there is a high likelihood that the patient has been exposed to Lyme disease, especially with the right clinical symptomatology........."

He also believes that "Lyme disease is a clinical diagnosis, and lab results serve to support the clinical diagnosis"......

Basically, a negative blood result would not indicate no Lyme.

Also read in Cure Unknown, about the most accurate lyme indicating outer surface proteins that were removed from the lab testing, because of a trial to produce a vaccine.. and if these proteins were used, vaccinated persons would always test positive, even if no lyme were to be present. I don't know which ones they are though.


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Spot on. You are totally right the OspC is highly specific for lyme, making things a lot more uncertain than would have hoped. Although, I did have a CD57 killer cell count which fell within normal range suggesting my immune system wasn't being suppressed due to active borrelia infection - this would be the only reason I could think for a false negative reading. 

If Lyme is there - I hope not - it makes everything horrendously more complicated. I must admit the clinical picture is more fitting! I've had periods of complete lucidity before reverting back into a stuttering mess.

Following Dr K's advice, I guess the best bet would be to see the response to antibiotics. That should serve the best indication as to what's going on.

Makes you wonder though, the extent of clinical overlap between Lyme and PANDAS/PANS.

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