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Visual/perceptual skills all over the map?

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I think I have noted some light-related issues. Too tired to go into now, but will tomorrow or soon.


My dd has PANDAS but also a visual perception issue called IRLEN syndrom or Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrom which is actually a severe sensitivity to light as which causes many visual perception issues you all are explaining seeing in your children. I have mentioned this to Dr. T who finds a coorolation in some of his patients and light sensitivity. I do not believe the two disorders are related but i believe because of the part of the brain that is affected one makes the other worse. My dd is one of those children with the sneezing tic and it is sometimes directly related to the change in light as well as her PANDAS status at the same time. Very complicated I know but I am very familiar with this disorder because my son has it also although he does not have PANDAS. Please look this disorder up on the computer, it may shed some light (no pun intended) on the subject of visual perception problems. If any of you have any questions please contact me, I am happy to talk to anyone about this other bizarre disorde.--By the way the symptoms of Irlen definantly get worse during an attack of PANDAS.

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We had all of these issues and I still can't believe the # of tests we ran. We thought it might be dyslexia/dysgraphia. The test that was most profound at distinguishing the orthographic memory issue was the Rey-Osterrith Complex Figure Test. If you have a neuropsychologist who can run the test, it was in our case a great example of why copying was so difficult.




I'm curious if it is a common trait of PANDAS to have extreme (either high or low or both) visual/perceptual skills in the PANDAS child or it is just mine.


I don't know the professional jargon for many of these, so bare with me.


My dd10 has exceptional "I-Spy" skills. You drop something small in the grass, she can find it. She always spots the critters in the woods that are so camouflaged to everyone else. She spots the deer that is about to dart out in the road 15-30 sec before anybody else can visually locate what she's talking about. Birds nests, money on the ground, that kind of stuff she ALWAYS spots first. She could draw three dimension objects at age 3.


Directionality-bottom 1% in distinguishing left and right (geez-only 2 choices, must not be lucky either!) Tracking left to right-awful, skips words, the little function words, looses her place all the time! Her reading fluency was horrible last year regardless of material difficulty-she read more fluently in first grade than she did in 4th. BUT: give her a list of words to read top to bottom, she can read above grade level.


Has written sentences right to left and spelled in reverse; not intentionally. Letter reversals, in cursive too; always left/right (b/d) reversals, never top/bottom (n/u). I can go back in time and track dd10's functionality in time by all the ups and downs in her handwriting; it's nothing short of freaky.


An aside: This goes back to some of the other posts, MKUR perhaps; this extreme scatter of skills doesn't make sense. I've been so frustrated over the years at the medical community that wants to compartmentalize everything and not look in totality and ask WHY? This doesn't make sense?

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