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Just got back from orthodontics

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Hello all

Well after 3 different orthodontic visits I believe we found the best fit...I am so happy!!!

On our way to our first orthodontic my son says to me you know mom when I bring my jaw forward i do not feel the urge to tic ( note he was doing great for the past 9 months and is on topamax but summers he has flared up the past 3 years) but he says it does hurt and is not comfortable to do. So when we went to the first orthodontist I mentioned this to him and explained his tics...he said I never heard of such a thing but won't argue with me (he is a very nice doctor and was going to work on a treatment to bring his jaw forward but just didn't seem to be knowledgable on the tic subject) so we went to our second one and really didn't mention anything about it to him, he was more of an old school doctor wanting my son to wear a head gear and both wanted 4 teeth pulled---he really has a big overbite and a small palete and has a tooth that will not come down due to crowding and one that is coming out the front.... Anyways yesterday we were on to the third and this was the same orthodontics I went to 20+ years ago when I had TMJ and he diagnosed me but sent me elsewhere for treatment. So we went through the exam with him and he only wants 2 teeth pulled and this will give wisdom teeth room to come up and some shaving on the teeth. This is a dentist that seemed to think outside the box...anyways i asked my son if he wanted to mention the jaw movement and he said NO....well the dr asked me if there are any health issues he should know of and i said i must tell him...so we spoke of his tics...him on topamax (which his son is also on for neck injury at 200 mg) and the jaw issue and he said I can see how that would come into play with the tics. He personally knows Dr. Stack that people have talked about with the mouthguard and said they went to denstristy school together and he has been following him on his studies with TMJ and said he thinks he is on the money with his concepts. He said he feels he can find a treatment to help him with his tics and his teeth and is looking forward to the challenge.


It felt so good to come out of a doctors office and not have felt like they looked at me with 4 heads like some do. My pediatrician really is great and helpful but I think he thinks i am overconcerned. And everyone I talk to including the people we get our pool chemicals from thinks i am crazy on the chlorine affecting him....


Just thought i would share my experience...anxiously awaiting the next month or so to see if son's tics subside again!!


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