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GABA - How much to give?


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Naturopath/MD highly suggested we try GABA for my son's TS. Actually suggested it 6 months ago but I held off until now to try it. We just met with doc two weeks ago again. I figured summer was a good time to try. He had his first dose last night. 500 mg. Took it after dinner. At bedtime he said he was feeling funny. Called it being "woozy". I tried to say he was probably just tired from the long day but I knew it could be the GABA. He took another this evening and by bedtime he said the same thing. Granted it was 11pm so he was tired, too. Late summer nights will do that.


After reading past posts concerning GABA, I am a bit leary. Naturopath is convinced we should give it a try. I would love it if it helps. Hard to tell right now. DS is in a good state. Tics are only 3-5% of his day at most. He is relaxed at home and with friends doing fun stuff all summer. Tics only crop up when he is sick, tired, anxious, excited, etc...


Doc actually wants him to take 500mg twice a day. I am thinking that is too much. I am sticking with once a day at night. He is 11 and around 75lbs.


What are the nasty withdrawal effects?


What else should I be concerned about?

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Hello Hope


with GABA, as with all supps, I believe one should start slowly and work up


GABA would make him drowsy so as long as it isnt lasting into the next day and affecting him negatively in other ways, it should be ok. My son used to only take 500mg a day. we only used it as needed for anxiety and never say any bad withdrawal effects but he was not on it daily or longterm. you may want to give it a while longer before stopping as it can really be helpful and your son is under doctor supervision

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