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What is the best way to test dog allergy?


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My Ds8 started with tics 2 months ago, we brought a new dog to our house around 6 months ago.

I tested him for allergy (RAST) test for dog hair and it came negative.

Still, how can I be sure that he is not allergic to dogs saliva/urine/other?

Any possible treatment , besides giving the dog away ? :(

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We were told recently by a doctor at Stanford that a skin test is more accurate than a blood test to determine allergies. You may be able to ask the allergist to test urine, saliva, etc in addition to hair - not sure.


Also, do you have anyone who could babysit the dog for a few weeks to a month while you clean out your house and watch for improvement?


Another consideration is an infectious trigger. Was he sick around the time the tics started? If so, you might want to check out the PANDAS/PITAND forum on this site.

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Thank you mama2alex!

We tested too and actually looks like it is also Pandas, but since we never had a dog, and his tics started around 1 month after we brought the dog, I suspect it could be also that.

We are going to another allergist in 10 days, I'll ask her about that.Thank you!

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