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If you're in or near CT, Yale has a good pediatric epilepsy clinic (maybe you already went there?). They should be able to help decipher everything for you and provide guidance. I guess all the different responses from different doctors shows how complicated the brain is and how alot of it is interpretation.



They happen in stage 3 sleep. DS had zero stage 4 sleep and only 6.2% REM sleep. I thought maybe he had narcolepsy and then they could still be night terrors. But the doctors say no. Back to square 1. Last neuro is sleep specialist with interest in night seizures at level 4 epilepsy center.


Here is the plan: be thankful keppra works and start to treat pandas and hope all this will go away.

Thank you for taking the time to comment. Waiting for lab work and then go back to see Dr B.

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