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That my son could have a fairly immediate (within a couple hours) reaction to eating something with high fructose corn syrup & artificial colors (which he has not had any of in over two months)? His tics have been better, especially the vocal one. In fact my MIL watched him today and said she didn't notice a single tic. Then we went to therapy and his therapist gave him candy for doing a good job (I almost had a stroke). So then out of nowhere his vocal tic showed up shortly after we came home.


I'm just wondering if there can be an immediate reaction to a possible trigger or if it's more likely a coincidence.




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oh yessss!!


those are 2 of my son's biggest tic/OCD triggers and especially when there has been no exposure for some time, the reaction can be dramatic and immediate.

he knows how intense the trigger is from them and avoids them like poison!!


epsom bath may help with the detox


it irks me so that the majority of people see these things as "treats" when in fact they are so bad for kids with neuro issues (and for everyone IMHO, but especially so for kids who have neuro stuff)

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Thanks Cheri,


I knew it, I just knew it! I had a gut feeling I shouldn't have allowed it, but I just felt so bad because it was already in his hot little hand and he looked so happy! I am going to talk to our therapist about making sure the candy is not offered or even sitting out when we come for appointments.


The reaction was exactly what you said "dramatic". I looked at my husband and said "I think it's the candy". It was obvious by the look he gave me that he thought I was being "over the top". But again, I had a gut feeling, so came here to ask the experts.


How long does the reaction usually last? Unfortunately, he's already in bed, so I will give him the ES bath tomorrow.


Thanks so much for the quick response!



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Not only is it possible, but I would say its definite!


I was going to post my own take on this, but saw your thread, so I'll just tell it here. I have mentioned several times here that I don't restrict too much for my son these days as his weight is just too low. I am a firm believer in the artificials, colors/dyes/flavors and especially high fructose corn syrup as being things that can contribute to increase in tics. I don't think it affects my son until he's had too much tho. And I can tell you that I am now convinced after the last few days. He has been having those stick freeze pops like they are going out of style, and the days he has them, I can see he was increasing alot, and it was confusing me because he seemed better in the days before. so I've gauged this and I see now that these ice pops are evil as all heill, I know its the problem. He's been having them since 4th of July, (yes, I'm the dummy who bought them), and I could see he's been pretty vocal all week. So today I banned them, and I'm telling you he has decreased almost dramatically so, and I dont' use that term freely here.


So just say no to freeze pops!.................. :mellow:

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Lynne, my son was doing fine, and then he had two gumballs, and then the tics came back immediately, although not as strong. When someone gave my son a McFlurry with smarties, it happened. Some mom brought donuts to soccer, and it happened. I haven't figured out what causes it, but it is something.

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As mentioned before there are some kids that food coloring and corn syrup really aggravate the tics, but I wanted mention another thing.

It is regarding the therapy, are you with him during the session? do you know if they talked yesterday about the tics?

What happen with our son, is that when we open the subject, and we started talking about tics, also the therapist talked about that, then tics came to his conscious, and then became really bad.

We decided (and we got this advise from the neurologist) not to talk anymore about the tics and to ignore them completely. Continue whatever we are doing at that moment.

I don't know if that is your case. but I just wanted to pointed it up.

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Thanks everyone. I am sure now that the reaction was from the candy, thankfully the vocal went away the next day. However, it was pretty strong after the candy. The good thing is I get frustrated by the strict diet sometimes, since it hasn't taken away all the tics and some days I just want to throw in the towel. Now I know it's doing something! Halloween should be fun this year! ugh.


Deby, my son isn't in therapy for the tics, he sees a CT for his mild OCD. We are always in the room and she never discusses the tics with him.



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It took us almost two years after we started my son's strict diet before the tics finally went away completely. Hang in there. Don't stop the diet. If he is reacting to corn that strongly then you know you are on to something. You have to remember that antibody levels rise and fall SLOWLY. So it could be that your son has very high anti corn antibodies right now and so his tolerance is non-existent. It could take 6 months to two years to get those antibody levels down to the normal range. We have seen this with our son's gluten antibodies and the stool testing we do annually. After two years he still had elevated antibodies, although they were really close to the normal range.

Don't quit, don't quit, don't quit.

Now my son can have minimal corn without any tics. The diet takes time. That is all I can say. We monitor and limit the corn to 'special' occasions and he seems fine.

We do NOT do any corn byproducts, syrups, or any artificial colors at all.

I want to add that corn syrups, in particular HFCS, has mercury in it. Might be a factor with all these kids having neuro flare ups when they eat it regardless of corn allergy.


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Thank you Caryn, I actually really needed to hear that! My sons tics and behavior have improved since starting the diet and supplements. Of course there's always the little voice that says "you're wasting your time and energy because he's just waning". Plus, he seems to have a few "main" tics that are stubborn. So, there are some days I feel like if he bops his head one more time I'm trashing the supplements and giving him the stupid Sunny D and batman gushers!


However, deep down I know I have to stick with it and that it takes time. Also, we are going to an integrative/environmental doctor in August and he plans on doing all the allergy testing for us, which his regular pediatrician finds unecessary. So, hopefully we'll know even more in a few months.


I appreciate the encouragement to keep going...

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