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Its been a while since ive posted here, but I have a confidence issue

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Hey everybody, I have not posted here for awhile, because I kind of find myself feeling really bad when I do a lot of research on my problem and I end up not really finding a great treatment for myself I feel it makes me feel worse than I do when I just let it be and ignore it. Now I just want to ask you guys (this is a question more for the older people on here who have tics themselves) how do you guys keep your self esteem/confidence up? I always end up feeling like im not worth anybodies time (mostly the girls I like) I feel like why would they want to be with me I have tics/ocd this and that I feel like it makes me scared to approach girls or strike up conversations, because I feel like when they see that I have tics/ocd they will not be interested. Now I know a lot of you guys will say this should not stop you people are not shallow and if somebody does feel that way they are not worth your time anyway, but it really bothers me and I just want to see how others keep their confidence/self esteem high?


Thank You

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my son found that getting involved in volunteer work helped.


he is 20yo now and has a full social life. People who matter really dont seem to notice the tics, or, if they do, it seems they are very accepting!

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My son also does volunteering, and it does make him feel good.


I can't speak for him as far a girls, but I know my husband grew up with tics and he said he was shy. I believe he said just find what you are good at and do your best, because others will see your confidence and can't help but want to be around you.


One advice from me (as a girl myself is)... make them (girls) laugh you can't go wrong. :)




Sorry you are hearing from us girls, hope some guys chime in soon.

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Honestly, I have had relationships that lasted a very long time and I have never really had a problem with someone asking me why I do what I do with my muscles (tics), but it just still bothers ME. I do have a load of friends who have never said anything (I have really become a pro at hiding it) I just cant get my self to get up go and meet new people. Maybe there are other reasons why my self esteem is low.

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