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Pepsi Refresh Project PANDAS

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I am not waiting until 6 am to say........WE DID IT!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! and, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! This is such an amazing victory!! I am completely numb.......dreams do come true after all!!



Give your kids a hug and a kiss tomorrow with confidence knowing that we are all doing as much as we can for them!!!!!!!


Everyone has been so amazing during this effort..........Vickie....a special "shout out" :D to you....thank you so much for helping make my "pipe dream" a reality! :lol:




What can we do next!!???? :D

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Top Posters In This Topic

Kelly, Vicki, Everybody!


Congratulations and Thank You. What a great virtual team with outstanding virtual captains! ^_^


After I share the great news with all of my contacts, I don't know what I'll do with my time in the morning anymore.



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Yahoo!! I am soooo happy! Vickie and Kelly and everyone who who worked so hard, THANK YOU!!!




Vickie, I've been wondering, are there groups who helped us win who we need to support and vote for in July who did not win in June?



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Kelly and Vickie...you both are fantabulous! To get PANDAS to the top ten in 2 months is just amazing. Thank you both for all the time you dedicated to this project.


Please do let us know what groups voted for us that need support next month, as I will be there for them.


And again, you two are awesome!



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We won!!!!!!!!!!! It's now official on the pepsi site! You can see it by going to our page. www.refresheverything.com/pandas


From the facebook page....


We won!!!!! We have officially been declared FINALISTS. After their audit (we don't have to do anything for this), Pepsi will change our title to official WINNER and the check will be written! Thank you and great job, everyone!



What will I do next....try to reprogram my brain. This has been a crazy ride! In a day or so, I would like to post the main causes that helped us and ask that you continue to help them this month. They were awesome too. We had a lot of alliances that also won, but some are still fighting for it.


Thank you, EVERYONE!

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Friends, truly enough cannot be said about the blood, sweat and tears Kelly and Vickie poured into this project. There were many times they were nothing short of cyber-abused by other projects. They kept cool heads, took it in stride and kept moving forward for their kids, for our kids and for those who have yet to make their way to correct diagnosis yet.


Kelly, it will be interesting if as a winning applicant you will now be privy to some inside baseball....like how many total votes we received or how many votes separated each finalist; that would be interesting. We are all very confident you and Dr. Cunningham will make maximize the funds clinically and any resulting publicity.


KUDOS Ladies ^_^

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