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My brother has 765 Yugioh cards and I have about 800 of them! We are crazy about collecting cards! I also have 255 Pokemon cards. I play Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Silver, Ruby and Sapphire on my gameboy. It sometimes makes me tic but not very bad, so my Mom lets me play. I'm really far along in Silver, Rudy and Sapphire, but I just got Fire Red for my birthday and I got to the 6th gym and beat it on Fire Red. My brother has a Game Boy SP. He bought about 5 or 6 games and he doesn't ever play with it. My mom thinks that is wasting his money, but he paid for it with his allowance and birthday money. Gotta go, talk to you later!


Dylan ^_^

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To Dylan


What are you geting for christmas? I'm geting a gameboy SP, some spy gear but i do not know which one to get. My favourite cousin has a X-BOX, a Play Station and a computer and he even bought his own t.v. but he is 17 years old. What is your favourite t.v show? We are about to go into summer here in Australia starting next month, and the weather has been very hot already and today we went to the river because it was 30max, and on the Saturday it was 35max, hows the weather at your place?







from connor ^_^

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I am hoping to get the Egyptian Gods cards, the five pieces of Yzodia, and a AR Cheat 2005 for my Gameboy. My favorite TV shows are Yugioh and Pokemon. The weather is really cold here right now. Some days it warms up to about 68 degrees, but most days it is in the 50's. We definitely can't swim here right now unless you are at an indoor pool. I just went to see the movie "The Incredibles". It was great! Have you seen it? Gotta go for now!

Dylan :wacko:

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hi , my name is Simon .


I just wonder , for those who said vitamin help , is this vitamin just make us calm or actually reduce the *urge* and then reduce the tics .


Those days, I payed more attention to my tics .


I found that when I start to something , such as a regular normal activity like start to talk , open a door and start drive . The *urge* to tic is very intense .

but in the middle of doing something , there is less problem .


anybody has the same feeling ?

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To Simon,


The vitamins usually make me calmer, but it didn't stop it fully, if I don't have the vitamins it comes back all the time.



To Dylan,

The movie called Incredibles has not started yet, but I am hoping to see it with my friend Stephanie.

I have got the Egyption God Cards. I have three winged dragon of Ra, two slifer the sky dragons and two obelisk the tormentor.


Tomorrow I am getting another deck, because my friend Tyson got a new deck, and in his new deck he got two of the Left leg, one of the left arm and a right arm.

And he got the five headed God dragon. And he got exodier the dark master. He also got two kybers and one pegasus, one joey.

Our shop has got new decks in it, So I have been doing jobs at home to save for my new deck.


Sometimes it gets up to 44oC or 110oF during our summer, we go swim in the river when it is hot.

I finish school on Friday for our summer holidays. Our Christmas Days are usually hot. Some people have their Christmas lights and trees up, we haven't because we just moved. I have my own room now.


From Connor :):):D

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