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Liver detoxification test


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After reading all about methylation, I am just wondering if anyone here has had the liver detoxification testing done for their TS kids. My Doctor suggested one way back in January, and I said no, as I didn't think that he had a problem detoxifying. Now, after what I have read, I am curious to know if this may be an issue.


I understand that they give you three different substances to take, caffine, asprin (salycilate) and paracetamol. Then they test your urine over 10 hours to see how you detoxify. It gives you an idea of how your sulfication pathways work (very simplistic explanation I know).


I am keen to hear if anyone else has had this test, and what the results were.


All these tests cost so much money, and we do not want to traumatize our kids.


Actually yesterday my son had a blood test, the dr wanted us to check his zinc and copper levels, as well as iron, and to do a full blood count. Well, he fainted!

Talk about traumatic!



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Hi Caz,

I feel for ya! The blood tests are really horrid for all concerned!


I was thinking the same thing about the liver .

I read Dr Sandra Cabot's- Liver and Bowel book ,

Ian Gawler - You Can Heal Your Life

Phillip Day - Health Wars and I read some stuff on the Gerson Clinic in Mexico.


All these books are really big on Pancreatic enzymes and liver detox.

They all say the same thing about the liver being the most important organ in the body for getting rid of toxins.

If that is in ship shape, then all the other problems should resolve.

The formula I worked out for us was a water filter.


On rising take 1 glass of water with lemon juice

I take Barley grass powder + 100mg powder of Calcium ascorbate (vit C)

after the lemon drink.


Then I take an organic mineral supplement, Sandra Cabots Livertone plus and a combo tablet of Vit A, C and E.

When they run out I'll switch bak to Phillip Alexanders Formula Six Multi's.

As well as that I drink Dandelion root tea in the morning.


I had really bad skin with acne all the time, and was very hormonal no matter what time of the month. Since I've been taking these about 2 months, my skin is so different that everybody notices and comments, (Boy it must have been worse then I thought!)

I no longer have the mood swings and I'm gradually losing weight (need to get rid of about 8kg). Slowly but surely, so hopefully it will stay off this time. I also use EFT therapy which I feel helps almost instantly with emotional issues.

I haven't started the enzymes yet, but they are supposed to be vital especially for meat eaters.

You can eat half a pinapple a day to get the same amount of enzymes needed, but I'm not big on pineapple!

Haven't had my kids tested as they have been through enough, but they are Ok with most of thesupplements.


See ya

Clare :o

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Hi Caz and Clare,


Clare, I used to have bad skin for a long time (too old for that in my 40's). FYI, I read that most people with bad skin have/had a zinc deficiency. Sure enough, I did or do--haven't been retested since supplementing. However, it sure makes sense about the liver.


I recently had a liver panel done--before starting on a fungal medicine --strong one, much stronger than my son's. It was done at a normal lab. But I am sure it was a mainstream test, even though it was ordered by our DAN doctor. I just don't know the others, maybe Great Smokies has one. Sorry I can't tell you more. They never had a liver test done on my son though--I have been tempted, just like you. Though I too resist blood work in general. Our doctor did bundle a few, but you can't take too much at once anyway.


Also, re blood tests on kids. 2 'tricks' I picked up.

1) topical cream anaesthetic--30 minutes before hand. Our nurse gave us the tube and it really helps with that prick.

2) Pfeiffer taught me something I never knew. Have them drink LOTS of fluids starting a couple of days before the test and including the day of the test (if allowed)-it raises blood volume. This blood test last week went by far the best of the others. Once before he was shaky for 2 days and the next he was weak all day. This time he did great. I really believe it was related. We didn't even get some food into him immediately afterwards.



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